Google AdWords 101&201

Google AdWords 101

Introduction to Online Advertising & Google AdWords

  • Introduction to Online Advertising & Google AdWords
  • Introduction to online auction and bidding
  • Basic features of Google AdWords (Feature, Benefits, Basic Terminology)
  • Google network (Ad Types, Placement Targeting, CPM Bidding)
  • Making a strategy plan before launching advertising

Create Account & Understanding Your Statistics

  • How to create an account and a campaign, step by step
  • Metrics (Campaign Statistics)
  • How to manage and use Report Center, Campaign Optimizer, Location targeting, Demographic Bidding
  • Basic understanding of Billing, Billing Cycle

Developing Quality Keyword Lists

  • Planning on Keyword List
  • How to use Google AdWords Keyword Tools
  • How to use Negative Keywords

Developing Compelling Ad Copies

  • How to create attractive advertisement to generate clicks
  • Ad Writing Workshop

Tracking Campaign Performance

  • How to use Conversion Tracking of Google AdWords
  • Integrating Google AdWords with Google Analytics

Open Q&A

Google AdWords 201

Introduction to Optimization 

  • Definitions & Terminology of Google AdWords

How to Advertise Effectively

  • How to place advertisement to reach expected ROI measurement

Intermediate Optimization Techniques

  • How to use Geotargeting
  • How to use Demographic Bidding
  • How to use Placement-Targeted Campaign
  • How to use Site and Category Exclusion
  • How to use IP Exclusion
  • How to use Position Preference
  • How to use Ad Scheduling

Keyword List Optimization

  • Study on How People Search
  • Keyword Research Tools (Search-Based Keyword Tools, Insights for Search, Google Trends)
  • How to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

How to Self-Diagnose

  • Why can’t I see the ads and how can I fix it?
  • What to do if the Quality Score is too low?
  • How to use Ads Diagnostic Tool

How to Use Google AdWords Editor

  • Features and Benefits
  • How to use Google AdWords Editor

Other Bidding options

  • How to use Budget Optimizer
  • How to use CPM Bidding
  • How to use Conversion Optimizer

Managing Accounts

  • Basic understanding of My Client Center (MCC)
  • Introduction to Google AdWords API

Open Q&A

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