Google AdWords Advance 301&302

Google AdWords Advance 301

Psychology of Searcher

Best Practices for PPC Success

  • Understanding Keywords
  • Keyword Research
    • Basic understanding and techniques about Long Tail keywords
    • Basic understanding and techniques about Wide vs Deep keywords
    • How to use Negative Keywords o make a better score of CTR and Quality Score
    • How to use Search Query Reports for better understanding of searcher behavior

Discovering Effective Keywords

  • In-depth usage of AdWords keyword tools
  • Spidering websites technique for finding a proper keyword
  • Searching keyword from competitive research

Writing Effective Ad Copy

  • How to make an advertisement to touch the searcher’s mind
  • Finding Unique Selling Proposition n the advertising business
  • How to use Benefits vs Features to write a proper advertising

Landing Pages that Convert

  • How to manage Content for Landing Page to respond to a number of search (Showcasing the answer)
  • Choosing accurate Landing Page and where to send
  • Best practices to create Landing Page
  • Applying usability overview of landing pages for the best conversion rates

Advanced optimization techniques

  • Boosting Your PPC Traffic
    • How to use Dynamic Keyword Insertion
    • How to use Ad Preview Tool
    • Techniques in increasing Page Views Increasing PPC Conversion Rates
  • Increasing PPC Conversion Rates
    • How to use calls-to-action
    • Customizing landing pages
  • Beyond Text– Multimedia Ads
    • How to make practical Video ads
    • How to use Image ads
    • How to use Widget ads
    • How to use Display Ad Builder
  • Display Network Deep Dive
    • Overview of the Display Network
    • Data:
      • Placement performance report
      • Demographic Reports
    • How to use Display Network Optimization
    • How to use Placement Targeting
    • How to use Enhanced campaigns
    • How to use Display campaign organization
    • How to use Remarketing campaigns
  • Advanced geographic targeting
    • The technology behind Geographic Targeting
    • How to reach local audiences effectively
    • How to use Location extensions with Google Places
    • Accessing Geographic performance reports

Open Q&A

Google AdWords Advance 302

Setting Profitable Business Goals

  • Making a plan and setting a goal to benefit from PPC Campaign

Putting Your Ad Dollars to Work

  • How to customize Ad delivery for the best revenue
  • Customizing techniques for each Bidding types:
    • Max CPC
    • Preferred Bidding
    • Conversion Optimizer
    • Budget Optimizer

Exploring ROI & Profit

  • Basic calculation of bids and benefits from advertising

Effective Bidding Strategies

  • Position preference
  • Ad scheduler , from basic to advanced levels
    • Basic
    • Advanced
    • Time sensitive ads
  • Adjusting location-dependent bids

Successful Account Organization

  • When to launch campaigns:
    • Content vs Search
    • Budget
    • Geography
    • Product or service types
    • Ad Scheduling
    • Mobile vs desktop
  • How to create the structure of Ad Group
    • Organizing ads and keywords

Find Effective Messages through Split Testing

  • Overview of testing
    • Ad delivery methods
    • Statically relevant information
  • Ad Copy Testing
    • Advanced ad writing
    • Split Testing Ad Copy
    • Ad performance reports
  • Landing Page Testing for a better performance and results
    • Where to send traffic for testing
    • How to test page layouts
    • Split testing landing pages
    • URL Performance Reports
  • Profit Per Impression
    • Combined landing page and ad testing variations
    • Understanding the reports
    • Lifetime visitor values

Be more productive using AdWords Reports

  • Keyword Report
  • Search Query Performance
  • Other reports

Using Google Analytics reports to analyze Google AdWords

  • Site Overlay
  • Conversion Funnels
  • AdWords account navigation
  • Analyze Multi-Channel Funnels (Focusing on Paid Search)

Click quality and reporting

Even more Tools for Effective Research

  • Ad Planner
  • Trends

Open Q&A

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