Joomla! 3.x Mastering Workshop (A 3-day course: 6,900 Baht)

     This course will teach you how to create a website professionally with Joomla!. It is suitable for beginners on website creation by using customizable CMS tools, which would make working on web browsers and updating content an easy task, without any prior knowledge of web development or programming.
     This course is fully equipped with technicalities of Joomla! 3.x, announced by to be a stable version. Coming with this version is the responsive template feature, a new trend for website navigation on mobile devices. We are an unparalleled professional trainer in website creation, with a professional team of developers of Thai Joomla! with an international reputation. You can rest assured about the high quality of our training.

This course aims primarily at:

  • Beginners on blogs or websites creation
  • SMEs that are expanding their businesses to online marketing
  • Newcomers to online marketing
  • Webmasters/administrators working in an organization
  • Marketers interested in E-marketing and online marketing
  • Lecturers and students wishing to use Joomla! in their study
  • People with an interest in Joomla!


  • A workshop that offers real practice
  • A hands-on experience in using Joomla!
  • Understanding of web design and development for further use
  • Knowledge applicable in many businesses and organizations

Additional offers:

  • A certificate for those finishing the course
  • Lunch and coffee breaks
  • A slide handout
  • A notebook for each participant for use during the course

The topics of Joomla! 3.x Mastering Workshop 301, 302, 303

by the Joomla!Corner Team (Akarawuth Tamrareang & Supachai Teasakul)

1st day

Session 1: Getting to know Joomla!

  • What is Joomla!?
  • Website construction in general
  • Open source softwares according to GNU/GPL
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Joomla! and adaptation in each business

Session 2 : Registering Domain Names and Hosting Renting

  • Simple techniques to name your domain
  • How to choose a proper hosting that supports Joomla!

Session 3 : Before installing Joomla!

  • Basic system requirements for Joomla!
  • Web server simulation on PC

Session 4 : Implementing Joomla! on a Server

  • Introduction to Filezilla setting
  • Uploading Joomla! files to hosting server (FTP)
  • Introduction of database creation

Session 5 : Installation of Joomla! 3.x and Tool Setting

  • Set up websites with Joomla! 3.x
  • Accessibility to administrative view of Joomla!
  • Core features of Joomla! (extensions/components/modules/plugins/templates/language)

Session 6 : Global Configuration of the Website

  • Configuration for site part
  • Configuration for system part
  • Configuration for server part

Session 7 : User Management and Accessibility of Users

  • Group members and their rights
  • Adding members
  • Accessibility of users

Session 8 : Using the Media Manager

  • Creating folders or directories to store images and other media files
  • How to manage image folders
  • How to upload image folders

Session 9 : Creating a Website by Joomla!, Step by Step

  • Fundamental website structure
  • Creating/editing/deleting category contents
  • Creating/editing/deleting articles
  • Uploading images for contents and articles
  • Default setting for content options to be displayed within a website

Session 10 : Displaying Menus in Category and Article

  • Menu management
  • Creating a menu group
  • Creating a menu to be displayed in category
  • Creating a menu to be displayed in article
  • Installation of displayed contents configuration
  • Creating modules to display a menu group

2nd day

Session 11 : Contact Us System

  • Creating contact category
  • Creating contact menu
  • Creating the Contact Us form

Session 12 : Using Search Statistics

  • Stored statistics
  • Creating a menu for search engine component
  • Setting the search module to be displayed on the selected area

Session 13 : Using Redirect Links

  • System of redirect links
  • Creating links to support SEO

Session 14 : Installing/Updating/Uninstalling the Extension Manager

  • Joomla! extensions
  • Installing and uninstalling extensions
  • Updating extensions
  • Activating extensions

Session 15 : Using the Plugin Manager

  • Joomla! standard plugins
  • Essential plugins (content plugin, editor plugin) and their use

Session 16: Using the Language Manager

  • Installation of the language manager file
  • File management for languages displayed on a website

Session 17 : Using the Template Manager

  • How templates work
  • Browsing module positions
  • Using multi-templates in the same webpage

Session 18 : Using the Module Manager

  • How modules work
  • General module management (toggle on/off module, module relocation, parameter setting for module)
  • Basic module creation

3rd day

Session 19 : Creating a Website that Supports Multi-languages

  • Language files installation
  • Management of main language display in a website
  • Management of language content in a website
  • Setting websites to support multi-languages

Session 20 : Creating Responsive Templates

  • Template installation
  • Module setting for mobile access
  • Setting templates to support multi-languages
  • How to beautify templates

Session 21 : Using the Module Manager

  • Module installation
  • Setting modules to support responsive layout
  • General module management (toggle on/off module, module relocation, parameter setting for module)

Session 22 : Using the Maintenance Tools/Verifying the server system

  • Using the global check-in
  • Using the clear cache
  • Using the purge expire cache
  • Using the system information

Session 23 : Backing up and relocating to other servers

  • Backing up of website contents
  • Relocating content to other servers

Session 24 : Securing Your Website

  • How to make your website more secure
  • Other useful extensions
  • Q&A

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