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A full-fledged service provider of CMS (Content Management System) and Open Source technology.


SINCE 2004


Marvelic Engine Co., Ltd., established in 2004, consists of professionals and experts in CMS (Content Management System) technology such as Joomla!, Mambo, Nooku, e-commerce solutions such as VirtueMartand TienDa a social networking software such as Elgg , and also an open-source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) such as vtiger CRM. The company also developed FLEXIContent, a content construction kit (CCK) for Joomla! .

The company was founded by a group of pioneers of MamboHub.com, Thailand’s first online community of Mambo users. The founders, led by Mr. Akarawuth Tamrareang and other open-source software developers, are the core team who developed Mambo, Joomla!, and VirtueMart, including their subsequent Thai versions: Mambo LaiThai, Joomla! LaiThai, and Joomla! LaiThai Shop, respectively. The team has also developed various extensions and components for Mambo and Joomla! as a contribution to both domestic and international users.

Presently, the company is the main provider of CMS and open-source technology with full-fledged services, including a training course in website creation using Joomla!. The course consists of both basic level and advanced applications, for example, template creation, using extensions and components to support responsive templates, using VirtueMart and SMF (Simple Machines Forum), and using Photoshop and GIMP for graphic designers, etc. The company also offers an additional course, Google Classroom, which focuses on how to use Google AdWords, one of Google’s prominent service, to manage web advertising copy, and Google Analytics, another powerful service, to analyze digital data of a website efficiently. Besides, the company also offers a 20-seat seminar room for rent, equipped with computers and other technology.

The company has acquired reputations and credibility from a large number of government and private agencies for its diverse, long-guaranteed work, for example, website design and development, IT design and development in the form of web applications such as E-Marketplace and back office applications for intra-organizational administration: financial system, booking-borrowing-returning system, training management system, workflow system for content approval and publication, E-Library, etc. The company has expanded its services to respond to all levels of client, from small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large corporates and organizations, and remained a reputable dealer in highly efficient and popular softwares such as Visual Paradigm (Model-Code-Deploy Platform) and JoomlaLMS. We are also a developer partner with Stackideas and JomSocial 

The company has recognized the importance of the Joomla! community, and as a result it has supported the community, and as a result it has supported the community, domestically by developing a Thai version of Joomla! and E-Learning systems, and internationally by collaborating with international Joomla! communities. The company also helps organize Joomla!Day Thailand annually as an attempt to strengthen Thailand’s Joomla! community.