A full-fledged service provider
of CMS
(Content Management System)
and Open Source technology.

Website Development

We provide website creation service by using Joomla! (CMS) to make it fits your business. Our team can create, modify and develop the site as Web Application by our Joomla! experts team. We can assure you that it could help supporting your business to operate with standard s well as having full function system.

Website Maintenance & Support

Provide the best maintenance service for all Joomla! websites and eCommerce. Our experts with 15 years experience can solve all problems regarding website issue. We can assure all users with qualified and protected websites by Joomla Security Service.

e-Commerce Service

Provide eCommerce service that allows you to do business 24/7 such as Shopping Cart, Online Payment Gateway System, SEO system etc. Ensure you with the best global platform in the world. Opportunities for all users to increase their revenue and expand their business with our qualified website.

Big Data Service

We provide 'Social Media Marketing Automation' that make your marketing both automatic and personal. It can be count as a tool to help users track their leads through Email Marketing, Form, Promotion, Campaign and Customer Customization. Users are able to offer value to their prospects and effectively guide customers towards conversion.

Secure Enterprise Social Platform

We provide a private and secure Enterprise Social Network in order to strengthen the Security system. The system is built on the award-winning Content Management System, Joomla. Also help your team members to communicate and collaborate better by providing the best platform for members to share files, ideas, and lots more.

Joomla Security Service

We endeavor to protect your website against malicious attacks. We provide security service to all Joomla! websites. Enhance stability of the website such as update, migrate, security patch and others. Also include the Web Application Firewall such as SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting , CSRF/Anti-spam , Remote File Inclusion etc.

Training Center

Offer a variety of training courses, such as building websites with Joomla!, Joomla! Responsive Template Builder. We also offer Google classroom training such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords and using online marketing tools. On-site training is available upon your request.

Web Solution Package

A build on-demand and ready-to-use web package to suit variety of SME Businesses. Users are able to organize and modify the website as they want. We offer free training course and 90-day guaranteed free maintenance service. Users can also let us take care of their website with affordable price.