On August 28 – 29, 2014 and September 2, 2014, Marvelic Engine had a chance to organize an on-site training course under Mr. Supachai Taesakul on “Joomla! 3.x Mastering Workshop” for employees of MBK Public Company Limited.

ศุภชัยบรรยายหน้า class
ศุภชัยบรรยายหน้า class

This course teaches you how to create a website by Joomla! 3.X. Mr. Supachai began his lecture with the fundamental elements to the advanced process and how to use its techniques by Joomla! within 3 days. Joomla! 3.x allows users to easily optimize their website as they want. So, this course is suitable for users who don’t have any technical skills in developing websites and programming.

นักเรียนจากทีม MBK สอบถาม
นักเรียนจากทีม MBK ภายในห้องอบรม

We deeply appreciate the trust and all the support that all our clients have been giving to us. We would like to thank you and look forward to working with all of you and be your speaker again soon.

ภาพหมู่จากห้องอบรม Joomla! 3.x ที่ MBK

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